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Product Description

N.B. This product is no longer in production. These units have been used in our own data centre and come with 3 months warranty, but no cables or power supply.

The Firebrick 105 is a hardware firewall designed and built in the UK. Many features normally associated with hardware costing many times the price are available.

The FireBrick 105 can do much more. As standard it is a small managed 10/100 network switch with auto crossover ports. It provides web based configuration; state tracking filtering; normal and stealth routing; named IP and port groups for ease of setup; multiple subnets; DHCP server with persistent allocation; DHCP client; network address translation (NAT); Event logging and basic on-screen stats. It even has a built in cable tester to help find basic network faults, as well as lots of little features like DNS relay and time server.

This is just the beginning, as the FireBrick 105 also has a range of optional extra features including traffic shaping; VPN tunneling to other FireBricks; SNMP; emailed logs; syslog logs; address and port mapping; multiple gateway traffic bonding; multiple route load sharing NAT; time, manual and ping based control profiles; fallback routing; and VLAN subnets. It can even provide full 5 port operation allowing multiple independent demilitarized zones (DMZs).

The unit can be sold with extra features if ordered now or added to your FireBrick 105 at a future time.

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