Watchfront can provide various Virtual Machines (VM) or the means and technical know to build your own private cloud.

We are more than willing to understand the needs of the customer and provide a solution that will fit their requirements precisely.

We have various resource options for Virtual Machines. The resource options are scalable and if you require more we can change this quite easily for you.

Through our excellent colocation offerings and support we can produce a solution which can give you vast storage with high computational power where you can produce and manage your own platform of Virtual Machines. This is also know as a private cloud.

We offer both VM or private cloud or a combination of both in either Maidenhead and/or Amsterdam.

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What is this “cloud” anyway?

Here at Watchfront we really don’t like vague marketing buzzwords. Unfortunately some catch on and become common parlance. Cloud is essentially any computer connected to the internet, but the term is often used to describe Virtual Hosting and Online Storage solutions, Both of which we have been offering for far longer than the term Cloud has been around.