Our policy is to dimension our network such that we always have a significant margin of capacity over and above peak usage. This ensures that our service maintains excellent performance at all times, even during busy periods.

Product NameConnection TypeRoutingCommon Name
FibreFibreSTATICLeased Line


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line provides a greater downstream connection to the customer premises than upstream across a PSTN line.


Fibre To The Cabinet is a broadband technology that use optical fibre to the cabinet from the exchange and then copper to the premises from the cabinet.  This greatly improves the speed of both downstream and upstream.


Ethernet over FTTC provides an Ethernet circuit across a FTTC line.  This improves latency and gives higher reliability as it is provided as a leased line which has statically configured routing.


Fibre optical cables provide the best speed, latency and reliability of all connections and are always provisioned as a leased line.

Optional Services

Primary DNS and mail servers can be provided if required for customers not wishing to run these services for themselves. We are happy to manage further domains for Broadband customers.

We can supply you with a pre-configured ADSL MODEM/router ready to connect, or you are free to connect any equipment which complies with the relevant standards. FTTC lines are supplied with a VDSL MODEM and must be connected to a PPPoE router. We can supply a FireBrick, or you are free to provide your own router.

It is strongly recommended that you use a firewall between your network and the Broadband connection – we can supply a FireBrick, or you are free to install your own firewall.

  • Static IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses as required (subject to RIPE guidelines) with full reverse DNS delegation
  • No restrictions on any servers/services you may run (subject to AUP)
  • Fully internet routed IP with NO filtering/blocking or ‘transparent’ proxying of any services
  • Secondary DNS service
  • Email backup service
  • Outgoing SMTP smarthost

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