What is www.boris.org.uk?

What were Watchfront engineers up to in 1998?

Well, the simple answer seems to be working at Watchfront, and having fun with Borisware Utilities 🙂

So what are Borisware utilities? … it certainly isn’t related to high speed broadband, FTTC, or colocation….

……so follow the link to www.boris.org.uk and find out! This was back in 1998, and it hasn’t been touched in a VERY long time… a little piece of history perhaps?

The admin team at Watchfront have been auditing all the domains owned by Watchfront, and it is amazing what we have found!!

Oh and note the old logo from over 15 years ago! Watchfront will be 25 years old next month, look out for special offers, a new logo, and more on the history of Watchfront to mark this major milestone!