website redesign @ Watchfront

Visitors to watchfront.co.uk will start to see some changes over the coming months….

The changes have already started with the introduction of some new pricing models/products that give the same level of choice, but with greater simplicity in the offerings. This will be followed by some subtle redesign (prize to whoever notices the first subtle change when it comes), and will ultimatly result in a brand new website in time for early summer!

We hope all our existing customers will appreciate the same “no-nonsense” approach to technology and that new visitors, and existing customers alike, will appreciate the new product and service offerings that will be available over the coming months.

There is an exciting future ahead at Watchfront, and while we will continue to deliver best in class bonded broadband and co-location services, we will also be announcing some strategic partnerships. This is to ensure our customers can meet more of their technology needs through their trusted partner, Watchfront.

For more information please contact a member of the team on 020 7517 4900



Lack of fast broadband in Central London


I know, it seems strange, but this is a reality Watchfront are seeing on a daily basis. More and more customers are approaching Watchfront, frustrated that FTTC is still not available in their location and leased lines are out of budget, and asking us what their options are.

The simple answer: Bonded ADSL/Bonded Broadband.

Watchfront have built an enviable track recording of supplying reliable and fast bonded solutions, and are now seeing those go into small and medium businesses in central London locations such as Covent Garden, Knightsbridge, and many more with increasing frequency.

What is bonded broadband?

Well put simply it enables customers to have multiple ADSL services, and then using Watchfront developed technology in the Firebrick FB2700, we bond these lines together to provide a speed that is a multiple of the individual line speeds.

For the customer there is a simple monthly cost that includes a fully managed FB2700, the ADSL service(s), and a managed ADSL modem. All items are shipped to the customer pre configured to just plug in and start working.

As with all Watchfront products and services this is backed up by local direct support from qualified engineers, and the peace of mind in know that Watchfront only use premium grade and priority weighted services, thus giving high speed and low contention internet connectivity to businesses that rely on it like a 4th utility.

For more information on Bonded Broadband or any other Watchfront solution, please contact sales@watchfront.co.uk or 020 7517 4900


Free router and migration for Be customers

Be customers not wishing to be migrated to Sky can migrate to Watchfront at no cost and receive a free pre configured wired router.

Our standard terms and conditions apply.

Do contact sales@watchfront.co.uk for more information.